As a result of the Covid19 Pandemic my business has shut down.  So, I started making mask. I supplied my family and close friends with them and continue to donate to our hospital staff and neighborhood hero's. As supplies started to run low, I decided to also sell them online so I could continue t make more and donate.

Jolie Collection - Spring / Summer 2020

Citrus in Bloom

Fox 2 News - Auto Show Charity Looks for 2019


Professional Model, Brandi Bautell (@brandibautell) is wearing a Merlot Colored Stretch Silk Shantung Evening Gown has the right amount of “WOW”! The thigh split give it a sexy yet sophisticated allure. It also has an elongated triangular damask print on the outside and lined with an elegant burst of fuchsia. The enhancement of embroidered florals gives it an extra Richness. 

Prom season is coming...Get your orders in early!

TRES' CHIC Couture Fashion Show

Dana Keaton Collection footage from the November 24, 2018 Show


Creativi-D Interviews Designer, Dana Keaton

Fashion In Detroit

Dana Keaton @ Fashion In Detroit 2012

Student Show "Fashion in Detroit"

Students created garments from interior car fabric!

Detroit Designers

Detroit Designers featuring  an Interview with Dana Keaton 

Auto Show Charity Preview

Charity Preview Interview